The Skywalkers

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I want to talk Skywalker family in Star Wars. Anakin Skywalker and Princess Padme are in love since anakin’s childhood and they got married (at the end of second movie ๐Ÿ™‚ sorry for this timeless explanations but the movie passes in a long long long time ago ๐Ÿ™‚ ).ย  In the 3rd movie; Padme and Anakin are married and they love each other extremely while their honeymoon Padme got pregnant.

Anakin was a poor boy who lives in a desert planet with his mother. Anakin and his mother were slaves. Master Qui-Gon jin and Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Master and his bright student) discover Young anakin while they were in a mission. They sense that Anakin would be the most Powerful Jedi Knight in the universe that’s why they took him to Jedi Temple.ย  after a couple occupation (qui-gon jin death, convincing Master Yoda) they accept Anakin as a padawan of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Anakin is the most powerful person in that temple, he learns fast but he is impatient. In the second movie Anakin lost his mother because of an invasion, this lost create a huge fear in his life. He fill his mother’s place with Padme and the fear of losing Padme is the only fear in Anakin’s life.Padme is a retired princess and also she is a senator of a planet which named “Alderaan” she has responsibilities, she is powerful, she has all characteristics of a fairy princess ๐Ÿ™‚ One day Anakin saw a illusion that Padme was dying while she was giving birth to their children. as it was the Anakin’s only fear he start to search solutions. He finds solution in dark side. He passes to dark side to save his lover.

Hours pass and empire is rising etc. Anakin is on duty for serving his dark lord by destroying democracy and rising emperializm -by the way Anakin’s new name is Darth Vader- people searching for Anakin that’s why Padme goes to Anakin and asks ” Did you pass into the dark side of force?” anakin says “yes honeybunny for you, for saving you bla bla”… At that moment anakin got angry because of his ancient master Obi-Wan Kenobi who was hiding in the starship of Padme (Anakin thinks that Obi-Wan want to separate them). Anakin can’t control himself, he fails against his uncontrolled angry and start to choke Padme with force.

Padme passes out. Obi-Wan cuts Anakin’s legs and arm and take Padme to hospital. Meanwhile Darth Sidious the Dark Lord finds Anakin and take him to hospital.

Padme is in hospital, she is healthy but don’t wanna live. Anakin is in hospital and suffering to death. Padme gives birth to children. Anakin is still suffering. Padme Dies. Darth Vader Rises. Anakin’s -i mean Darth Vader’s- only fear push Padme into suicide.

By the end Darth Sidious make Darth Vader beleive to Darth vader killed padme with his own anger, with this news Darth Vader is getting crazier and start to blow up everything even the planets in galaxies.

Children; a boy and a girl. Boy’s name is Luke girl’s name is Leia. Children adopted by Alderaans royalty and obi-wan kenobi. They got separated.

As you see an innocent love can cause end of democracy, and can cause death of people like Padme and Anakin.

Darth Vader rules the universe with fear of emprial and dealing with some rebellians which are wanting democracy back. and his little son luke skywalker involved this rebellian stuff with helps of obi-wan. while revolution he meet with his twin Leia who is the head of revolution. days pass and obi-wan trains anakin to be a jedi but obi-wan dies in a strike to save princess leia so anakin goes tomaster yoda to continue his jedi training. while he was training force he saw a illusion that leia and his friends are in danger, he pauses his training and goes to save his friends and Leia. While saving operation, he fights with darth vader. In their fight Darth Vader tells luke that darth vader is luke’s father. Luke escapes from fight and goes back to master yoda for finishing his training butyoda dies because he is 800 years old.then he got back for strike of revolution and he got captured by his father and is taken prisoner of Darth Sidious. Darth sidious wanted to kill Luke because he was refusing to pass to dark side. While Darth sidious almost killing Luke, Darth Vader rescues Luke. Luke want to save his father but he was injured by Darth sidious and he dies. When he died Darth Vader become immortal and appears toluke. and we find out that Darth Vader passed into the light side and became Anakin again.As we see fatherly instincts changes universeโ€™s destiny.

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  1. Interesting choice here. It appears that there is far more summary here than analysis though???

  2. actually it’s not a summary, it’s an analysis ๐Ÿ™‚ i tried to make an analysis with telling significant stuff like with death of padme empire rises blah blah i didn’t want to explain everything ๐Ÿ™‚ i wanted that readers understand my analysis by reading this significant scenes of movie. i thought that it was obvious

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